Alexander Ospelt, Chairman of the Board, Ospelt Group

Alexander Ospelt has always wanted Ospelt Group to stay in the family. The company started out as a small butcher’s shop in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, founded by Alexander’s grandfather. When Alexander’s father took over in 1958, he opened a factory to manufacture meat and sausage specialties, followed by pet food a few years later.

When Alexander became CEO of Ospelt Group in 1993, he instituted his own style of leadership. He spotted an opportunity to make “innovative products that enrich the food market, in the medium price-segment, but with high quality.” So he led his team to think creatively, combining old family recipes with new foods such as frozen pizza and salami sandwiches. He also spearheaded Ospelt Group’s entry into the international market, acquiring production facilities in Germany and Switzerland.

Today, Ospelt Group has five production sites and is a leading European supplier of high-quality food and pet food.