Jan Christian Vestre, CEO, Vestre AS

*Information correct as of June 2020.

Sitting at the helm of street furniture manufacturer Vestre is visionary leader Jan Christian Vestre, the third generation to lead the family business. He took over in 2012, after his father suddenly passed away, with a renewed commitment to the “triple bottom line” concept that measures corporate success by profitability, social contribution and ecological impact.

For Vestre that means creating life-long products, such as park benches, that minimize their environmental footprint. The company always uses the greenest possible materials, even if they are more expensive. Vestre’s manufacturing facilities operate on 100% renewable energy, and the business is close to producing zero emissions throughout its entire manufacturing process. Vestre has integrated 9 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and each year 10% of its profit is donated to external sustainability projects.

Since Jan Christian joined the company, turnover has more than tripled, proving that a business can be both profitable and committed to safeguarding the environment.


New Zealand