Slovak Republic

Juraj Habovštiak, Founder, MTS, spol. s r.o.

Modern Technology Solutions (MTS) began life in the basement of Juraj Habovštiak’s house in Slovakia 25 years ago. Juraj had just left his job in manufacturing and used the severance pay to start a company that helps factories streamline production through automation.

Today, MTS is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technology for manufacturing. The company employs nearly 400 people and exports to countries across the globe, including Germany, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa. Juraj and his colleagues help to build modern and efficient factories in industries ranging from automaking to food production. 

Juraj believes that people are the most important part of his company. He says, “My defining decision was to focus primarily on people, making them paramount — to promote colleagues, customers and suppliers. It is people who form the company and produce results, not numbers or property.”