Southern Africa

Craig Irvine, CEO, Irvine’s Group

In 2000, Craig Irvine joined the family poultry farming business at the start of a period of economic turmoil in Zimbabwe. Craig was determined to fight for the business he had grown up in, one that had been in the family since 1950. He realized the only way to survive was to expand outside Zimbabwe and address the shortage of quality animal protein and eggs across the region.

Twenty years later, Irvine’s Group is one of the largest chicken companies in Southern Africa, producing day-old chicks, feed, frozen chicken and eggs. Craig started out small, building trust with customers and governments. The company now has operations in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mauritius and South Africa, with customers across Africa. Irvine’s Group provides sustainable business opportunities to over 60,000 small-scale farmers, most of whom are women.

Craig is proud of the impact Irvine’s Group has on society. “We are purpose-driven,” he says, “and everything we do is aimed at changing lives in Africa by producing affordable protein and growing businesses.”