Fabio Ronga, CEO, beqom

Fabio Ronga was working at a large software company when he noticed that HR managers were using basic spreadsheets to manage payroll. Identifying a gap in the business software market, he cofounded beqom in 2009 to help large companies calculate and track compensation for their employees.

Fabio set up beqom with former colleagues from OutlookSoft, the first software company he cofounded and sold to SAP in 2007. With their new product at beqom, the team were unstoppable. For Fabio, a core purpose of beqom is to provide companies with a fair system of pay that avoids gender or race discrimination.

Headquartered in Nyon, beqom manages compensation for more than 120 large companies and 3 million people around the world. As CEO, Fabio drives company strategy and says, “Success is being able to achieve our mission, which is to make the employees of our customers happy by providing fair and transparent compensation.”