Mate Rimac

CEO, Rimac Automobili

A photographic portrait of Mate Rimac

Founder, innovator and inveterate inventor Mate Rimac started out in 2007 at the age of 19 in a borrowed garage, tinkering, dreaming and already thinking several years ahead of the traditional car industry. He fitted an experimental electric vehicle drivetrain to his 1984 BMW E30 — his conversion was so successful that the humble, garage-built BMW gained five FIA approvals and set a Guinness World Record as the fastest-accelerating electric vehicle.

This was the catalyst Mate needed to aim higher and seek out investors willing to fund his desire to build a ground-breaking custom car from scratch. He wanted to prove the potential of the electric powertrain and show how exciting the sustainable future can be. In 2009 Rimac Automobili was born, and in 2011 the Rimac Concept_One became the world’s first true electric supercar. Today, Rimac Automobili is recognized as a trusted partner by many global OEMs, bringing the hypercar technology to many applications.

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