Andrew Hessel

Microbiologist, geneticist and entrepreneur, and Founder, Human Genomics

A photographic portrait of Andrew Hessel

Imagine being able to genetically engineer any plant, animal or microbe on Earth. According to biotech visionary Andrew Hessel — the founder of the start-up Humane Genomics, a seed-stage therapeutics company developing customized “3D-printed” medicines for ailments including cancer — this capability can be used to create everything from designer organisms to rebooted versions of extinct creatures. As the foremost pioneer in this mission to synthetically engineer life, Hessel helps leading companies and investors understand the massive potential of what will be the most dramatic scientific breakthrough of the 21st century. Cofounder of the Genome Project — write, an international scientific effort working to engineer large genomes, Hessel is currently the co-chair of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology at Singularity University.


Moira Forbes