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How learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic are shaping future outcomes

In this episode of the Compliance and Conduct podcast, host Sajedah Karim introduces the series and discusses the significant focus on smaller medium-sized enterprises in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 1

21m 37s


Jenny A. Clayton

Partner, Risk Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

John R. Liver

EY Global Financial Services Regulatory Network Co-Lead and EY EMEIA Financial Services Compliance and Conduct Leader

How EY is going beyond borders with FinTechs in the UK

In this episode of EY FinTech Beyond Borders, speakers focus on recent set of grants made available to FinTech companies and smaller banks by the Banking Competition Remedies (BCR) organization.
37m 56s


Shalini Shan

Director, Strategy and Transactions, Financial Services Strategy, Ernst & Young LLP