Photographic portrait of Hyong Y. Kim
Disruption breeds transformation, creating a prime moment for opportunity, as sectors, innovation and technology collide. It’s an exciting time to think bolder and go faster than ever before.

Hyong Y. Kim

EY Global Consulting Deputy Vice Chair

Transformative age thought leader. Data-fueled. Bold. Passionate about inclusion and helping others achieve the unimaginable. Catalyst.

Hyong is responsible for leading the EY Consulting business across 70,000 professionals worldwide and 8 market industry groups.

In his role, Hyong is advancing the EY Consulting ambition through innovative solutions, digital technology, with a focus on the large-scale transformation agenda. He is also leading the effort to reshape the Consulting service delivery model to create a competitive advantage and foster operational excellence.

Hyong has over 30 years of professional services experience delivering transformative business solutions enabled by technology, analytics, and ecosystem collaboration. As the EY Americas Consulting Deputy Vice Chair, he championed the strategy focused on helping our clients achieve accelerated growth through innovation. His experience also includes a long tenure in the Financial Services (FSO) consulting practice as the EY Global FSO Leader for data and analytics.

Hyong holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a MS in Information Systems from George Mason University.

How Hyong is building a better working world

“I am driving the Consulting strategy that brings the right people to the table so we can transform industries, improve businesses, and give back to our communities on a global scale. Along the way, I am grateful for the opportunity to shape our increasingly dynamic employee experience to further our inclusivity and diversity of thought — unlocking our people’s full potential to bring new, innovative solutions and challenge what is possible.”

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