Photographic portrait of Botond Rencz
Today’s businesses operate amid constantly changing expectations. Digitalisation and social responsibility are key matters which we also consider in our efforts to help businesses grow.

Botond Rencz

EY Hungary Country Managing Partner, European Central Cluster Leader

Botond ‘s main goal is to help companies achieve dynamic growth and ensure that EY's clients receive the highest level of advisory services in every country of the cluster.

Botond has a professional career spanning over 25 years with EY. 

He has been the managing partner of EY Hungary since 2015, and has also led EY’s European Central Cluster since 2021, consisting of the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia as well as Hungary. As a regional leader, his primary aim is to guarantee that EY clients receive exceptional consultancy services in each country of the cluster.

He has been the Tax Leader of Hungary since 2006. Under his leadership, the company has received numerous accolades, winning 16 illustrious international awards from the prestigious tax magazine, International Tax Review, including Tax Firm of the Year and Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year.

Botond holds certified tax advisor and tax expert qualifications. 

How Botond is building a better working world

"My personal mission is that our existing and future clients receive the highest level of advisory services from the best experts in every country of the cluster. To help our clients navigate in today’s continuously changing local and international business environment, we design custom global solutions and strategies that meet their unique needs, advance process digitalization and contribute to sustainable growth."

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