EY Center for Sustainable Supply Chains

Organizations are rethinking their business models and putting supply chains at the center, with a focus on sustainability. The EY Center for Sustainable Supply Chains helps companies in Southeast Asia accelerate the transition to sustainable supply chain practices to protect and enhance growth, profitability and reputation.

What EY teams can do for you

A growing number of disruptions are impacting supply chains and overall business performance. Stakeholders are also placing greater emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Supply chains account for a significant proportion of an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. Many companies want to transform their supply chains but don’t know where to start. They also face obstacles, such as technological limitations, lack of visibility, regulatory complexities and scalability concerns.

The EY Center for Sustainable Supply Chains helps companies in Southeast Asia accelerate the transition to sustainable supply chain practices and work toward their ESG goals.


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EY value-led offerings

The EY Center for Sustainable Supply Chains provides tailored service offerings that help organizations at every stage of their supply chain journeys, providing them with practical guidance on achieving quick wins and executing long-term strategies.

Leveraging strategic collaborations with alliance partners, EY teams develop innovative technology solutions that enhance supply chain visibility, efficiency and resilience while reducing environmental impacts. These solutions are supported by research insights on the latest supply chain and sustainability trends to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

EY teams can help you realize these benefits.

Traceability and visibility

With real-time supply chain information, you can track products from the source to consumers. Such visibility helps you improve decision-making and efficiency and disclose accurate information about your supply chains, enhancing transparency and trust with stakeholders.

Sustainable and diverse sourcing

With insights and the right EY tools, such as Growing Beyond Borders™, you can better understand key cross-border business risks and opportunities, identify sustainable sourcing opportunities and diversify your supply chains. This not only reduces environmental impacts but also mitigates supply chain risks and enhances resilience.

Decarbonization of supply chains 

EY teams can help you identify supply chain areas where greenhouse gas emissions can be lowered, reduce your carbon footprint and work toward your net-zero targets. 

Creation of circular business models

By implementing circular economy principles in your business models, such as waste reduction, resource efficiency and product lifecycle extension, you can reduce your environmental impact, create new revenue streams and strengthen sustainability credentials. 

Assessment of new taxes and incentives

With knowledge of the latest regulatory developments, you can better assess the impact of new taxes and incentives on your supply chains, leverage incentives for sustainable practices and plan for potential costs associated with new taxes.

Explore how EY teams can help you activate, accelerate and amplify your sustainable supply chain transformation programs. 

Growing Beyond Borders™

GBB features over 200 data sets that you can combine, weight and filter for unique insights.

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EY Green Tax Tracker

The EY Green Tax Tracker helps you monitor evolving sustainability tax policies across the globe.

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