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Backed by our deep technical knowledge, global scale, and leading EY Trade Connect technology platform, EY offers a flexible way to view trade operations with clarity and act with precision, while managing costs and mitigating risks.

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Gain control of global trade

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What EY can do for you

Amid ongoing geopolitical, economic and regulatory uncertainty, today’s world continually grows more complex, creating new challenges for doing business across borders. In such a fluid environment, continuing to rely on the trade approaches of the past will not position you well for the future.

Operating under staffing and budget constraints, trade functions face compliance risks that aren’t being sufficiently addressed and repetitive tasks (such as classification) that are often performed manually and inconsistently. Meanwhile, evolving technology has created a steady stream of opportunities to reimagine these functions, bringing together data from antiquated, disparate systems and driving greater visibility and control.

How can you spend less time on tactical/transactional activities and more on strategic and focused activities that create value? One way is to turn to EY Trade Connect — a modular technology platform that links EY clients to a broad spectrum of managed services that can adapt and evolve with the changing needs of the business. Our managed services include tarrif classification, data analytics, restricted party screening, pre/post-declaration data review, foreign trade zones, CTPAT/AEO and origin and free trade agreements. 

Technology-enabled managed services

About EY Trade Connect

With EY Trade Connect, you gain a flexible toolkit of innovative technology united with our technical knowledge and global reach, helping you link big-picture strategic thinking with the on-the-ground operations of global trade.

Through real-time trade intelligence, advanced analytics and automated services, this powerful platform helps businesses view their trade operation with clarity and act with precision, helping to manage costs, reduce disruption and mitigate risks associated with global trade.

Key benefits

  • Automation of key tasks, such as classifying products for export, assisting with pre- or post-entry compliance, and filing or exploring options for duty deferral
  • Extensive trade intelligence updated in real time — from tariff and classification codes to restricted parties and global compliance rules — that drives confident decision-making
  • A platform with Automated Broker Interface (ABI) software approved by and directly interfacing with US Customs and Border Protection
  • Fully scalable services, allowing you to outsource some or all of your trade operations in a way that is most advantageous and cost effective to your business
  • Connection to our global team of more than 1,100 trade professionals with deep technical knowledge and a familiarity with trade protocols across the globe

A well-developed trade strategy can uncover hidden costs and drive significant value — including improved compliance, 10% to 20% decrease in duties and cross-border fees, and a 20% to 30% reduction in cost.

The time to act is now. Whether you need technical customs advice, technology and trade automation support or assistance managing export issues or controversy, the EY Global Trade team can work with you reduce costs, improve compliance, manage risks and achieve the strategic objectives of your business. Take control of your global trade operations today so you can enhance performance tomorrow.

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