How do you reimagine climate finance to reach net zero?

In this webcast, we will tackle the complexity of the sustainable finance and uncover the approaches of industry leaders.

Five years ago, few would have predicted how fast sustainable finance would gain traction. Leading banks, insurers and asset managers are committing, publicly, to targets that redirect resources toward achieving net-zero. How exactly will they get there? How do public statements and policies become practical reality? How to deal with the divergence of regulatory responses, and firms’ own responses?

Sustainable finance might be the most pressing challenge and opportunity for the industry in the next decade. It’s a long-term game, yet urgency is building, and the commercial opportunities are immense.

In this session, we will break down the complexity of the sustainable finance agenda and uncover the approaches of industry leaders.

Join our panel of presenters for a discussion including:

  • How does sustainability intersect with or influence business strategy and operational models?
  • In APAC, what policy responses are emerging, and what should FS leaders be asking for?
  • Can there be trade-offs between green financing and continued growth in traditional sectors?


Gary Hwa
Partner, EY US
Adam Carrel
Partner, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young
Judy Li
Partner, Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP; EY Greater China ESG Management Office Head; EY Asia-Pacific Sustainability Leader, Financial Services


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