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Alumni connect - July 2020

By Frank O'Keeffe

I am delighted to welcome you to this the first edition of our new EY alumni digest. At EY we have always placed enormous value on staying connected to our colleagues past and present. Our alumni programme is designed to ensure that EY continues to be a valuable source of support to you.

As we emerge from the shock of the COVID-19 crisis the power of community and human connection is probably better appreciated now than at any point in the recent history of this island. Relationships really matter. Looking out for one another and supporting each other is what carried us though the early weeks of this pandemic and it is what will help us now as we lean into the headwinds of an economy scared by a global pandemic.

Over the coming months we will be reaching out to you through a series of events and publications that we hope you will find useful. Keep an eye out for them.
Frank O'Keeffe
Managing Partner, EY Ireland

No matter what your current role or where your work takes you our local and global EY network can connect you to more of the people you need to know now and for the future.

In recent months our appreciation for community and government, for key workers and for different ways of working has grown tall. Let’s make sure to keep the best of what we’ve learned during this pandemic and continue to support and advise each other at we work to reignite the economy. We now have a new government taking shape and an ambitious plan to boost the economy. By working together in a renewed collective effort, we will get the hard work done to fire up the economy and to help communities struggling to get back on track. Supporting each other at this time could not matter more.

Through the EY alumni network we want to actively facilitate the sharing of valuable experience and advice. When we come together to share experience, advice and opportunity it can be a powerful force. I really encourage you to get involved and to stay connected with the alumni network.

I hope you enjoy this digest. We will soon be in touch with further details on our alumni programme of activity for the coming months. 

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