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Communication is just as essential as strong technical skills when it comes to data analytics.

Katie Lalor

EY Ireland Data Analytics Director and Digital Audit Lead

Dedicated professional. Always rises to the challenge. Enjoys the French countryside during holidays.

As a Director in Data Analytics and Digital Audit Lead, Katie passionately forges the next wave of professional services, using data and technology.

Katie manages and motivates client engagement teams with diverse skills and background while fostering an innovative and inclusive work environment. Driving high-quality work within expected time frames and budget, she also monitors progress, manages risk and ensures client satisfaction through every step of delivery.

Throughout her career with EY Katie has acquired extensive experience in data analysis, internal and external audit, fraud investigation and IT Risk.  

Katie holds an M.Bs. in Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems and a B.Comm. European with Spanish.

How Katie is building a better working world

“I aspire to EY's twin goals of achieving "exceptional client service" and building "highest performing teams".  So focusing on delivery and client requirements, I seek every opportunity to unify my team towards a shared vision.  I create a forum where different vioces and opinions can be heard, as I know that this breeding ground for innovation will benefit both my clients and EY. In this way I am building a better, more dynamic, working world"

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