Lorraine McCann
A genuine focus on sustainability will help your organisation demonstrate how you are creating long-term value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Lorraine McCann

EY Ireland Climate Change and Sustainability Services Director

Lorraine is EY Ireland’s SMR for climate change and sustainability assurance and advisory services.

Lorraine has over 11 years’ experience providing sustainability assurance and advisory services to clients across a range of sectors including retail, extractives, government, real estate, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and technology.

Lorraine supports companies in their transition to more sustainable economic, social and environmental business activities to drive long-term value for stakeholders. Her expertise lies in delivering sustainability diagnostics, stakeholder engagement, sustainability strategy development, KPI and target-setting, non-financial reporting, assurance, supply chain assessments, and sustainability/ climate risk assessments, amongst others.

Prior to joining EY Dublin, Lorraine spent six years working in sustainability with EY Canada where she supported many clients in the extractive sector with improving their sustainability performance, GHG emissions measurement and sustainability assurance.

Lorraine holds a Masters of Environmental Science from Trinity College Dublin, and a B.A. in English and Geography from St. Patrick’s College, Dublin.

How Lorraine is building a better working world

“I am using my skills in environmental science, and experience in sustainability, to support our clients in improving their economic, social and environmental performance so that they can continue to operate over the long-term in a decarbonized world.”

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