lorraine mccann
For business to demonstrate how it's performing responsibly, it needs to be aligned with proper risk assessment standards.

Lorraine McCann

EY Ireland Climate Change and Sustainability Services Lead

SME in climate change and sustainability advisory and assurance services, and Co-Chair of the EY Women’s Network Ireland.

Lorraine provides sustainability consulting services to a range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, government, forestry and financial services, amongst others.

With over six years of experience, she assists companies with the development of sustainability strategies as well as the measurement and evaluation of sustainability performance. In her role, she deals with risk management and sustainable supply chain solutions to assess compliance and supplier risk.

Prior to joining EY, she worked as Administration and Accounts Assistant at a leading activity centre.

She earned an MSc in Environmental Science from Trinity College Dublin and BA (Hons) in Geography and English from St. Patrick’s College, Dublin.

How Lorraine is building a better working world

“My role in EY CCaSS practice allowed me to travel the world: US, Mexico, Guatemala and the list goes on. I visited all sorts of pulp and paper mills, gold and silver mines, coal mines as well as oil and gas operations to learn the intricacies of how all of these commodities are made. Now, at EY Ireland, I bring my global knowledge of sustainability to our clients in the local market. This way I can help them comply with ever-increasing regulation, voluntary reporting and competition in this space.”

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