Stephen Prendiville

Stephen Prendiville

EY Ireland Head of Sustainability

Senior Infrastructure and Sustainability Leader dedicated to disruption, resilience and network system thinking for public and private sector clients alike.

Stephen leads EY Ireland’s Sustainability business. Driving forward both EY Ireland’s own carbon negative and net zero strategy internally, while also ensuring our clients gain the maximum value from EY professionals experienced in sustainability and related services. Originally from Limerick, Stephen move to Canada in 2011 where he worked with large cities (including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa) to deliver sustainable mobility solutions as well as climate resilience advisory services. Passionate about the provision of higher order electrified public transport and compact urban design, and its role in tackling poverty and homelessness, Stephen has dedicated his professional career to network system thinking – considering the implications of multiple trends and disruptions for planning and strategy development for clients. Notably, Stephen has also undertaken significant infrastructure development and related policy development initiatives for the advance of the circular economy.

Stephen returned to Ireland in the Summer of 2020 to lead EY Ireland’s ambitious climate action agenda and the growth of its sustainability services for our clients.

How is Stephen building a better working world

“Maintaining and increasing the momentum of our climate action is critical – this being the defining issue of our generation. I feel privileged and excited to lead on this journey here in Ireland – building upon great strides that have been taken to date – including using 100% renewable power since April 2020 and having removed over 600k single use plastic items annually from our office environments since 2019. We want to empower and embolden our people and our clients, to keep asking ourselves better questions, keep striving for new and brighter horizons.”

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