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CFO Outlook: Securing a green future, with Marie Joyce, NTR plc

In this episode of the EY CFO Outlook podcast series, NTR CFO Marie Joyce tells host Vincent Wall the story of her rise through the ranks of companies including Arthur Anderson, Elan, and Irish Broadband, to her current role, securing a green future with NTR plc.

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Established in 1978 to build Ireland’s first toll bridge, NTR plc has been investing in sustainable infrastructure since 1999. Solely focussed on investments in onshore wind, solar, and battery storage, the company now manages 1bn of capital in clean energy projects across 45 sites in 6 European countries. 

As NTR’s CFO, Marie Joyce’s role includes designing funds that are attractive to investors, raising debt alongside that equity, building the assets on time and on budget, and ultimately delivering on promises and expectations. Alongside the company’s energy projects, Marie believes that one of NTR’s key assets is its reputation. Indeed, it was the company culture that first attracted her to join: “entrepreneurial partnership, direct, honest, very straight, what you see is what you get; which our investors, employees, and stakeholders really appreciate”.

Richard and Marie also discuss:

  • The valuable lessons she learned about sales and negotiation during one of the most difficult times of her career
  • The immense volatility in energy infrastructure costs and the price of power, and the challenges it is presenting. 
  • The importance of having systems that turn ‘too much information’ into something useful and actionable. 
  • Her advice to other CFOs – “keep the personal touch and develop relationships”.


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Duration 44m 13s

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