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CEO Outlook: The journey to world-class healthcare delivery, with Bill Maher, Bon Secours Heath System

“I think we have a real opportunity here for Ireland to be the shining example of how a health system could be delivered.” 

In this episode of The EY CEO Outlook podcast series, Bill Maher, Group CEO of the Bon Secours Heath System, tells host Richard Curran the story of his journey from Ireland to the UK and back again, what he has learned about world-class healthcare delivery along the way, and his vision for Ireland as a shining light in patient care.

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Bill Maher has high hopes for Ireland’s health system. Having spent over 30 years working in healthcare leadership roles both in Ireland and the UK, Maher is clear about why Ireland’s current system is not working to its fullest potential, and what needs to be done to fix it. One of the priorities, he believes, is to ‘declare war on waiting’ – specifically, hospital waiting lists, which Maher believes can be solved with ‘ruthless efficiency’ and a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach.  

Maher’s optimism for Ireland’s health system is part-based on the twenty-plus years he spent in management roles in the UK’s NHS. As Group CEO of the Bon Secours Heath System – Ireland’s largest private healthcare provider - Maher is in a position to apply many of those learnings in his current role; and the result are showing, with group revenues, staff numbers and quality of care all growing sharply since he took the position.  

They also discuss: 

  • Bon Secours’ not-for-profit financial structure and the policy of investing everything back into staff, facilities, and patients.   
  • Maher’s leadership and communication style and how he ensures that all 3500 of his team members feel purpose-driven and appreciated.  
  • What getting up at 4.30am every day has helped him to achieve.  
  • What Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and Richard Branson have taught him about powerful leadership


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Duration 50m 12s