Reframing the future - Brexit and beyond


As preparations for the UK’s exit continue, there is still a lot of Brexit-related uncertainty, but clarity does exist on enough areas to take positive action. No deal continues to be a real possibility but deal or no deal, for businesses, action is required because on 1 January 2021 change will happen.

This time of disruption is also a time of opportunity. By looking ahead through a new, transformative lens, your organisation can reframe its future.

Here we ask the important questions, assess the critical actions and provide you with key analysis, recommendations and actionable insights for business planning. We apply a sectoral lens, with videos, podcasts and though leadership articles to address your industry-specific needs.

Discover below how EY insights and solutions could unlock new opportunities to reframe your future in a post-Brexit world and beyond. 

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    Brexit: Our View


    Access our latest Brexit thinking, views and commentary on the key issues impacting Ireland. As we head into a critical phase of the Brexit journey, these updates serve to keep you up to date with our view.

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    On-Demand Webinar

    Brexit: What actions does your business need to take?

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    Brexit: Critical readiness actions for businesses with 100 days to go

    Brexit will reshape the UK’s trading environment with wide-ranging impacts for businesses. With limited time to prepare, our guide details the commercial actions that can still be taken.

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