4 minute read 8 Oct 2020

How a Power Utilities Company accelerated their digital agenda with Virtual wavespace

By Helena O’Dwyer

EY Ireland wavespace Leader

Leads wavespace Ireland. Focussed on business transformation and cutting edge innovation for the now, next and beyond.

4 minute read 8 Oct 2020

The challenges we face today are unprecedented but even under the most trying of circumstances, businesses can adapt and respond in new ways.

EY wavespace has always focused on bringing people together and giving them the mindset and tools to find new solutions at speed. 

Now we have created an entirely virtual wavespace experience so that we can continue to support businesses in the wake of COVID-19.

This power utilities company understood that in order to compete and succeed in what is fast becoming a technology-driven economy, digital had to be at the forefront of their strategy.

They decided to embrace disruption and used it to explore the possibility of digital transformation across their whole organisation.

Rapid digital acceleration

Like many businesses, the rapid change to working virtually forced innovation, technology and new means of collaborating to the top of their agenda. In fact, their digital acceleration was so rapid, they felt they had achieved more in eight weeks than in the previous 18 months.

The company’s CEO was keen to accelerate their understanding of digital capabilities across the Executive Director Team and c-Suite.

They had three desired outcomes:

  • Accelerate digital transformation and look beyond optimisation.
  • Align on the requirements of leadership in digital transformation and explore challenges and how to navigate them.
  • Learn from digitally transformed organisations and hear their stories.

With virtual wavespace, EY ran a number of powerful collaborative sessions in an immersive virtual space with the leadership team. The virtual event ran across 4 days, with a 30-minute launch and three 2-hour sessions. 

Day 1 focused on digitalisation in the power and utilities industry. EY’s digital team shared case studies and best-practice examples with breakout groups split across employee satisfaction, customer experience, and assets and operations.

Day 2 zoned in on digital leadership to explore the future workplace and learn from the experiences of a digital native employee. The former Chief Customer Officer of a peer shared their personal challenges as a digital leader.

Day 3 brought everything together and made it real for the client. The day opened with a keynote address from an eminent peer, followed by a panel discussion challenging the team to further clarify their digital vision with some burning questions to consider for what is next for the company.

The impact for the client

During their virtual wavespace session, the executive team heard stories from peers and organisations that are further along in their digital journeys, learning from their experiences and challenges.

They could witness the potential for digital through varied case studies across all parts of their organisation and saw digital at pace with the showcasing of prototypes developed throughout the event week, tailored especially for them.

The need for urgent digital transformation was addressed, and all participants were challenged to express their visions for ‘why digital.’ This helped the team understand gaps in alignment and how to address separate needs across the organisation.

As many new ideas entered the fray, the company’s digital roadmap was further refined, as they evidenced the potential of virtual collaboration through choreographed use of wavespace methods and tools.

A follow up virtual wavespace session with the company’s Digital Accelerator Group is in the planning, with the leadership team keen to mobilise the changes they are seeking.

EY is delighted to play our part in clarifying the digital vision and transformation journey for this Power and Utilities company – so, more power to them!

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Virtual wavespace gave the leadership team of a large power utilities company the perfect forum to accelerate their understanding and witness the potential of digital capabilities across the business.

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By Helena O’Dwyer

EY Ireland wavespace Leader

Leads wavespace Ireland. Focussed on business transformation and cutting edge innovation for the now, next and beyond.