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EY Business Leaders Webinar: The current cyber threat landscape

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COVID-19 is reminding us all of the need for enterprise security beyond the perimeter and the need for proactive protection measures against a range of new and evolved threats. In the Now, Next and Beyond phases of this crisis, an organisation’s ability to maintain secure operations, communications, productivity and resilience will be critical. Cyber leaders will play a key role in helping organisations to continue to evolve and thrive in this unprecedented new world.

Discussion topics:

  • Current COVID-19 cyber threat landscape – key areas of concern cross-sector and jurisdiction
  • EU and National perspectives on cyber resilience – heightened focus on critical national infrastructure
  • Role of the CISO/Security leader and questions for the Board - understanding change and ensuring ownership for resilience
  • Preparation for the next phase and beyond – increased vigilance as organisations evolve into agile new modus operandi


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