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Develop products that power EY’s service offerings, drive innovation to enable new technology platforms and be a thought leader in the transformative age.

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Harnessing technology to unlock your potential

Unlock your potential to build a better working world by building better technology solutions at EY.

The pace of change has never been faster. Tech-driven solutions are providing opportunities for businesses and humans alike. At EY, we see first-hand how people can both drive technology and be the beneficiaries of it.

Through business transformation, technology is driving and enhancing the human enterprise to create new ways of working, to build a better working world.

In Client Technology, our breadth and depth of capability means you can build solutions that enhance the potential of our clients, their customers and stakeholders and even the wider workforce.

    How can technology drive human advancement as well as business?

    As clients look to EY teams to help solve their most pressing business issues, technology is key. It’s at the heart of all we do, integrated into solutions for clients and driving businesses forward.

    But in a world of constant change and technology disruption, technology isn’t the only focus. We increasingly rely on the people who power it – their ideas, relationships and ambitions. And it starts with people like you. People who want to harness technology to create agile, impactful global solutions that power human enterprise.

    In EY Client Technology, you’ll be part of an environment where passion and creativity matter; where you’re encouraged to drive your own career, create your own opportunities and feel supported in developing your skills.

    In the article below, Nicola Morini Bianzino weighs in on the critical role technology can play in sparking the human imagination vital to generating fresh opportunities and long-term growth.

    The Client Technology way

    EY is all about collaboration. Fuelled by a US$1b investment in technology and innovation, EY teams are primed to guide clients in their search for new opportunities to drive sustainable growth, create new value, and build new and better ways of working.

    As part of Client Technology, you’ll be shaping the future of EY services. You’ll collaborate with engagement teams, blending EY industry knowledge and innovative ideas with EY platforms, capabilities and technical experience. As a catalyst for change and growth, you’ll  be at the forefront of integrating technology into every facet of what we do at EY. That means more growth for you, exciting learning opportunities, career choices and the chance to make a real impact.

    As the analyst report below indicates, you’ll be joining a team that is considered a leader in the marketplace in global digital business transformation.

    Women in Client Technology

    Share in the journey, stories and insights of inspiring women in client technology. These stories are about being more successful in business, important career lessons, delivering purpose and how diversity can have a real impact.

    Gloria Mckinnie-Lashley

    Assistant Director, Global Consulting, Client Technology

    The multicultural and diverse environment at EY is a big plus for me. I feel a sense of belonging here and optimism about future leadership roles. At EY, we say that we work locally and think globally. This guiding principle allows me to draw upon the vast network of talented colleagues across the globe, who may assist me with finding solutions when project challenges arise. There’s always someone available who has just the right experience, or a perspective with whom I can consult.

    A photographic portrait of Gloria Mckinnie-Lashley
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      One of my career highlights was working as a project manager on the first EY blockchain product. This product was significant because it automated a paper-based process and united the workflow for insuring worldwide cargo shipments – and it became a major market disrupter within the shipping Insurance sector. It was an absolute thrill when it went live to see some of EY’s largest global clients begin using the tool. It received international press and recognition.

    A photographic portrait of Isabelle Récaborde

    Isabelle Récaborde

    Supervising Associate, Strategic Initiatives, Client Technology

    I joined EY in June 2014 – the first year of the technology campus hire program. Being recruited from my alma mater Georgia Tech was really exciting, and the onboarding program made me feel welcomed and included right off the bat. As I began my work as an analyst, I quickly found a mentor and coach who became a defining part of my career success. With the support from my mentor and counsellors, I’ve been able to expand my network, deliver compelling work and build my credibility. I’m so grateful my mentor takes the time to coach and listen to me, and that EY brought us together.

    Erika Morris

    Assistant Director, Global FInancial Services Organization (FSO), Client Technology

    I'm a product manager responsible for making decisions around EY financial products. I work directly with teams to understand their needs and then fulfil those requests with technology developers and designers. Since joining EY, clients have told me they like having my fresh perspective on projects. There’s nothing better than having that sense of belonging on a team.

    A photographic portrait of Erika Morris

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