Sustainability dialogues: things to consider

EY India leaders discuss the imperatives for business leaders as they curate their sustainability journey.

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Consumers are driven by purpose-driven consumption

Sustainability is growing increasingly important to consumers, the same has become the top priority when choosing the products. For the first time since lliberalization, the Indian consumers seem to care less about functionality, taste, and price and are motivated by the feeling of greater responsibility, toward ESG explains Angshuman Bhattacharya, EY India Partner & National Leader - Consumer Products & Retail Sector

India's net zero journey to 2070

The Net Zero concept and what it will take for India to achieve this goal by 2070 and how EY is partnering with businesses to help them with their Net Zero ambition explains Saunak Saha, EY India Climate Change and Sustainability Services Partner.

Ways to make a big social change impact

Social impact is a significant positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge, says Sayooj Thekkevariath, EY India Climate Change and Sustainability Services Partner.


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