Certificate in Applied Finance, Treasury and Analytics (CAFTA)

CAFTA is a Treasury and Finance certification course focusing on combining theory, practice, experience and talent.

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    About the course

    Fast changing corporate world demands us to constantly upgrade our skills and knowledge. With the need to bridge the gap between industry and education, EY’s certification program focuses on seven key areas of Finance and Treasury such as cash & liquidity management, supply chain finance & trade finance, investment management, corporate finance, financial risk management, treasury analytics and treasury structures.

    The course is for both students (Scholars’ course) and mid-level working professionals (Executive course) who want to gain in-depth working knowledge of Finance and Treasury along with application of Analytics. Along with the handbooks curated by EY professionals, the course will have seven workshops (spread across three days) demonstrating different case studies and enable participants to exchange perspectives, build on each other’s ideas, analyse issues, exercise judgement and make decisions which is the hallmark of skilful leaders.

    Program highlights

    • Practitioners’ handbook: The program will provide 14 handbooks which are divided into seven pre-reading concept handbooks and seven core modules
    • CAFTA certificate*: On successful completion, qualified participants will receive a CAFTA certificate 
    • Internship**: Top performers of the Scholar’s batch will be given an opportunity to intern with EY in Treasury and Finance
    • Mentorship**: An exclusively curated session with assigned EY mentors to discuss career paths 
    • Membership: Be a member of closed group of CAFTA members on networking platforms
    • Alumni events: Invitation to alumni events that include leadership talks, discussions around the trends in Finance, Treasury and Analytics and networking opportunities with peers and associates

    *The assessment  is optional for the executive batch and compulsory for student batch. If the registered candidate in the executive batch does not write the  assessment, he/she will receive a 'Certificate of participation' for attending the CAFTA program.  If the candidate from the executive batch successfully competes the assessment then the candidate will receive CAFTA certification- 'Certificate in Applied Finance, Treasury and Analytics'.

    **Available only to students (participating in the Scholars batch)

    Explore our modules

    Our modules are strategically built with rich case studies and experience-based curriculum to build deep Treasury and Finance knowledge and set a foundation for global leaders. The following are the key modules of the program.

    EY Modules

    Program fee and details

    For students, the program offers two structures namely the self-paced learning and interactive learning.

    Within the self-paced learning option, the candidate will be eligible for receipt of course curriculum and will attempt the assessment. For the interactive learning option, the candidate will additionally have access to workshops, group discussions, live demonstration and case studies that will be conducted by EY professionals. 

    There is an exclusive executive batch for working professionals that focuses on advanced concepts of Finance, Treasury and analytics through case studies and real-life scenarios.

    • Please reach out to us to check for any ongoing discounts
    • Participants in executive batch have an option to attend any one day or two days at a lower price
    Program Structure and Details

    Program dates

    Executives – 
    • Mumbai:  7-9 February 2020
    • Delhi: 14-16 February 2020
    Scholars - 
    • Mumbai:   28 February - 1 March 2020
    • Delhi:  21-23 February 2020

    Registrations for upcoming sessions will remain open until one week before the workshop begins. Assessments will be held in April 2020.

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    Our story

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • About the course

      1. What is CAFTA?
        Certificate in Applied Finance, Treasury and Analytics (CAFTA) is a certification course focusing on subjects of finance, treasury and analytics. It allows individuals to build technical expertise relevant from industry perspective, focused on seven core areas.
      2. Who should enroll in the program?
        The program is for anyone who is interested in learning about treasury and finance. It is for undergraduate, postgraduate and mid-level working professionals.
      3. What is the difference between the scholars’ batch and the executive batch?
        The scholars’ batch is for candidates who are enrolled in their under-graduate/ post-graduate degree. The executive batch is for candidates who are mid-level working professionals.
      4. What study materials will be provided to enrolled candidates?
        Candidates upon enrolment will have access to 14 modules which are split into seven core modules (practitioners’ guide) and seven concept handbooks.
      5. What is the difference between practitioners’ guide and concept handbooks?
        The core modules are the main subjects on which the participant will be assessed. Concept handbooks are modules that act as a pre-reading for the core modules that outline the basic concepts and models.
      6. Do I need to have a finance background to participate in the program?
        No. The course is designed in a manner where individuals with non-finance background can also participate.
      7. What is the duration of the program?
        The program is spread across three to four months from registration till the date of assessment. The experience sharing workshops will be conducted during the second month of the program. The remaining time may be utilized by the participants to prepare in a self-paced manner.
      8. What are the experience sharing workshops?
        These workshops are seminars conducted by leading industry professionals to discuss real-life case studies covered under the core modules.
      9. Will CAFTA provide some sort of transport to and from the experience sharing workshops venue for participants?
        All candidates are responsible for their own transport to and from the venue.
      10. Do all participants get an internship with EY?
        No, only top qualifiers will be offered an internship at EY as per the HR policy.
      11. Are the internships paid or unpaid?
        The internships offered will be paid internships as per the HR policy.
      12. Can I take the course without attending the workshops?
        Yes, there is an option to register for only the exam. Select that option at the time of registration.
      13. Will I get a certificate after completing the course?
        Only the candidates who successfully pass the exam will be awarded Certificate in Applied Finance, Treasury and Analytics.
    • Dates, exam, fees and refunds

      1. Can I change the date of exam after I have paid the fees?
        Yes. The date of the exam can be changed by paying an additional fee of INR5,000 and can be revised to any other date available in the system, up until fifteen days before the scheduled exam.
      2. Can I change the date of attending the experience sharing workshops/ what happens if I miss attending an experience sharing workshop?
        There is no option to reschedule or re-attend the workshop.
      3. What is the policy for refund/ cancellation of fees?
        The course fees once paid from the candidate’s account will be non-refundable. The only option available will be to reschedule the date of the exam at an incremental cost of INR5,000.
      4. Does the executive batch also have exams?
        Only the Scholars batch has an exam. There is no assessment for the executive batch.
      5. What if I don’t pass the exam?
        A candidate that fails the exam or doesn’t attempt the exam will not be given a certificate.
      6. Who will assess and evaluate the exam results?
        The exam will be evaluated based on a pre-defined answer matrix designed by EY.
      7. When will I get the results?
        Candidates will be informed via email about the date on which the results will be announced.
      8. What is the format of the exam?
        The exam will be a two-hour multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam.

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