FedRAMP Assessment for Cloud Service Offerings (CSO)

A third-party FedRAMP assessment can help Cloud Service Offering (CSO) seamlessly navigate through the FedRAMP authorization stages. This can help the organization gain a competitive edge in the federal marketplace and set the organization apart from competitors who are not yet FedRAMP Ready or have not achieved FedRAMP authorization.

Note: In the context of FedRAMP assessment, Cloud Service Provider (CSP) refers to a company or
organization that provides cloud services to the US federal government agencies.
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In recent years, the IT industry has witnessed a surge in demand for SaaS, cloud-based services, and digitization, resulting in the need for consistent security standards for CSPs that provide services to the US government agencies. Before FedRAMP, each government agency had its own unique security requirements, which made it difficult for CSPs to offer their services. With FedRAMP, CSPs can achieve a standardized security authorization that meets the requirements of multiple agencies, making it easier for them to do business with the Federal government of the United States.

Benefits of FedRAMP authorization

Achieving FedRAMP authorization can significantly help CSPs to expand the cloud service offering to various federal government agencies and their contractors. This also includes benefits to the CSPs, such as:

Benefits of FedRAMP authorization

EY can help the CSPs in their journey to achieve FedRAMP ready designation or FedRAMP ATO in the following ways:

  1. Conducting gap assessment based on FedRAMP baseline controls
  2. Performing security testing of the information systems and applications
  3. Providing remediation assistance and supporting CSPs throughout the FedRAMP authorization process.

How can EY assist your organization?

  • Identify the applicable baseline controls by conducting a risk assessment based on FIPS199
  • Assist in drawing of authorization boundary based on the CSO
  • Assist in conducting a detailed gap assessment in lines with the FedRAMP standard
  • Assist in creating necessary documents such as the System Security Plan, POAM document, and policy and procedures, etc.
  • Assist in remediating the gaps identified during the external audit (3PAO security assessment) and provide guidance and support throughout the authorization process
  • Assist the client in developing and implementing a continuous monitoring program to ensure that your cloud solutions remain secure and compliant 

Case Study

EY assisted a leading contract management company to:

Why EY?

EY is a leading global professional services firm having broad industry experience attained through working with some of the leading names in the industry. Our primary objective is to understand client’s business requirements and design solutions/provide recommendations to address the clients’ specific challenges.

We understand the attributes the organization seeks and recognize that you want to team with a service provider who recognizes and understands the risks associated with the service industry.

FedRAMP - Cloud Security Assessment

EY can help you in the journey to achieve compliance with federal security standards. Download the brochure to know more.

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