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DigiTreasury is an advanced, integrated treasury analytics platform, delivering data-driven insights to the C-Suite and treasury function.

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About DigiTreasury – Treasury Technology Solutions

DigiTreasury is a highly configurable and modular integrated analytics platform enabling organizations to make better decisions for treasury management. It offers small and complex organizations multi-entity support, near real-time access to information, and advanced scenario-based analytics for risk and performance management.

  • Harness your underlying treasury data: Our aim is to allow organizations to harness and analyze underlying treasury data for historic and predictive analysis that are typically not met by a traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP)/treasury management system (TMS) solution.
  • Leverage our pre-configured library of KPIs: We have an inbuilt library of 100+ pre-configured analysis in DigiTreasury that have been built over time keeping client experiences across sectors in mind.
  • Seamlessly connect with your internal and external system: The solution has been designed to ensure it can connect with your ERP, TMS and market information systems seamlessly. It also provides data entry screens for greater end-use flexibility.
  • Simulate advanced scenario analysis and dynamic dashboards: The onscreen dynamic dashboards and visualization allow organizations for click of the button simulation and scenario analysis, giving you the power to get enhanced decision support.

DigiTreasury modules

Our solution cuts across six key treasury functions and provides a modular approach with the flexibility to choose and deploy the entire suite, a specific module or a subcomponent of a module.

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Our modules:
  • Cash and liquidity management

    • Automates daily cash management processes with sophisticated cash positioning and forecasting capabilities
    • Increases performance through variance monitoring, simulation and stress tests on cash forecasts
  • Investment management

    • Offers pre-deal analysis support customized as per company’s internal policy guidelines
    • Provides decision support dashboards for near real-time portfolio performance and risk monitoring
    • Offers data-driven insights to assess direct and indirect exposure to various sectors/asset classes and issuers
    • Enables early warning indicators for potential policy and internal non-compliances
    • Provides deep integration with various market information sources 
  • Debt portfolio management

    • Offers single window view of all short and long-term debt positions
    • Enables easy and customizable calculation of debt cost
    • Supports what if scenario analysis models to assess the impact on foreign exchange and interest rate movements on debt positions and financial covenants
  • Foreign exchange and rate interest risk management

    • Builds and aggregates group-wide forex exposure position to effectively monitor currency risk
    • Has pre-configured risk quantification models like value at risk (VAR) and sensitivity analysis to analyze the impact of foreign exchange and interest rate movements on business cash flows and profit and loss
    • Provides near real-time monitoring of policy limits, hedge ratios, hedge book performance and dealer performance
  • Risk analytics

    • Enables continuous control monitoring of treasury policy controls, regulatory controls, internal controls and internal financial controls (IFC) using 100% of transaction data
    • Provides automated early warning indicators for monitoring potential control breaches 
  • Bank cost monitor

    • Provides comprehensive group-wide bank charges overview and wallet share analysis
    • Analyzes global transaction banking spend and identifies optimization opportunities
    • Enables cost reduction analysis for collection cost 

DigiTreasury capabilities

  • Integrates with internal and external systems
  • Aggregates and standardizes manual and system data through a data lake 
  • Offers C-Suite specific reports and insights for decision support
  • Provides web-based user interface and workflow solutions
  • Sends email alerts and exception reporting capabilities
  • Accessible on mobile and other handheld devices
  • Supports the chatbot functionality for dynamic reporting

Deployment models

Our solutions can be implemented in any one of the three models: SAAS, on cloud or on premise 

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