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Case Study
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Case Study

How an Indian multinational prevents cyber threats across global locations

An Indian manufacturer implements next-gen defense mechanisms to counter cyber attacks.

Cyber defense approach

Should we use a time-tested approach or embrace change?

The multinational manufacturer had to deploy cyber defense approach in a short span of time.

An Indian multinational chemical manufacturing company wanted to improve its cyber security posture for proactive detection of advanced cyber threats and responding to the threats in a timely manner. The company wanted to ensure visibility of its assets spread across the globe and detect and respond to any threats targeting them.

Since the company has a significant presence across the globe in multiple countries, it wanted visibility into the vast global infrastructure and develop a robust approach to detect security threats targeted against the enterprise. 

Traditionally, the company’s approach towards security monitoring was based on correlation-based threat detection. It evaluated whether to continue with a traditional approach or embrace a solution which could help them accomplish their security objectives in a brief time span. The company, thus, realized that it needed the support of a credible and capable solution provider. It wanted the service provider to demonstrate threat detection effectiveness based on measurable key performance indicators continuously and decided to implement EY’s proposed Cognitive Cyber Defense approach.

Correlation-based threat detection

EY’s Cognitive Cyber Defense Solution provides real-time security.

We deployed an AI/ML enabled platform to withstand sophisticated cyber-attacks in real-time.

Although the company was operating on a tight budget and timeline, it wanted to ensure round-the-clock monitoring of its data and systems spread across the globe. It wanted that the solution should automatically detect attacks and consolidate them in KPIs, which aggregate Service Now ITSM data. EY implemented the solution to onboard 1000+ critical assets across the enterprise. We developed 83+ KPIs to track the effectiveness of Threat Detection. The solution helps report KPIs on a continuous basis to communicate the value of the Cognitive Cyber Defense Solution to the organization’s leadership. These are presented as customizable dashboards for various audiences — CEO, CIO and CISOs.

The company assessed EY’s Cognitive Cyber Center (CCC) solution and recognized that it was among the most sophisticated solutions available in the market. EY demonstrated the CCC capability through a proof of concept conducted in a short span of time. After a successful proof of concept run, it deployed the solution across the organization. While the log collection happens at the client location, analytics and reporting is at the EY Cognitive Cyber Centre.

The managed service provides visibility across the globe from a centralized location based in India. It creates data logs and traffic collection from various countries and sends to the central EY managed service location. The service is integrated with multiple clouds and on premise. 

Cognitive Cyber Center (CCC) solution

The Cognitive Cyber Defense platform provides visibility into sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The AI/ML enabled MSS offers a fully capable centralized security function with very low false positive occurrences.

There are different aspects to how the solution provides 24×7 monitoring and prevention of cyber threats. The following figure illustrates the different capabilities of the solution, which makes it among the most sophisticated cyber security solution for companies operating in the market.

Different aspects of EY’s cyber security solution for an Indian manufacturer

After the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the globe have been reporting an increasing number of cyber-attacks. These attacks have grown both in volume and sophistication, requiring more rigorous prevention techniques. Based on modern techniques, such as AI and ML, EY’s Cognitive Cyber Defense strategy helps to specifically thwart such malicious attacks.

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