Keshav Murugesh

WNS Global Services

Keshav Murugesh

Keshav Murugesh is the Group CEO of WNS GLobal Services. He pioneered the transformation of the Indian business process outsourcing (BPO) industry into business process management (BPM). His contributions were also central in transforming the sector into a lucrative talent destination, helping it break away from legacy low-value processes-based services to high-value industry-specialized services.

Mr. Murugesh has a rich legacy of process improvements and process transformations from his stints with ITC and Syntel. At WNS, the standard norm for BPO companies was to provide a diverse range of services. He introduced depth of services concept at WNS with his transformational industry verticalized business model, which is now a norm for high-valued services.

At WNS, Mr. Murugesh has made client-centricity, talent development, revenue growth and social advocacy the core pillars of their business. The company has witnessed consistent financial outperformance where its market cap grew from almost US$400 million in 2010 to more than US$3 billion in 2019. In fiscal 2019, defying global headwinds, the company posted a growth of approximately 10% on constant currency basis.

WNS continues to invest in cutting-edge innovation. Almost 35% of its revenue comes from non-linear streams, such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence and analytics, while approximately 15% comes from cutting-edge internet-based companies. He created severalpeople-centric programs like WiNCUBATE, WNS Education, CEO Millennial Council and Project Centurion to identify and train women for leadership roles. 90% of the company’s frontline managers are home-grown. As Chairman of the Board of WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), he continues to champion holistic education for underprivileged children and youth.

As Chairman of NASSCOM for 2019-20, Mr. Murugesh is advancing many new ideas for growing the Indian IT and BPM sectors from US$181 billion to US$300 billion over the next few years. Most notably, he has been a central figure in driving the reskilling of two million professionals in emerging technologies through the NASSCOM FutureSkills program. His leadership isbased on high performance, and he is popularly known in the industry as the ‘Turnaround Turk.’