Manish Gupta

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Manish Gupta
Year of incorporation: 1998

Building future-ready health care

In 1998, when Manish Gupta quit Infosys to set up Indegene with four friends, ‘digital transformation’ was not part of the boardroom agenda in most Indian healthcare companies. Neither was the concept of offering targeted solutions to a specific sector. Back then, IT services companies mostly offered functional solutions, not sectoral ones. This is where Indegene sensed a business opportunity and decided to do things differently.

Indegene was founded on the premise that in order to make health care more effective, technology must be turned on its head. Introducing ahead-of-its-times health-tech solutions to help life sciences companies improve medical and business outcomes was the first step. Over the years, Manish led Indegene to become the strategic digital transformation partner to some of the top pharma companies globally, including Pfizer, Sandoz and Biocon.

In 2005, in a bold move, Indegene acquired Medsn, the US-based company, which at the time was twice the size of Indegene. This acquisition gave financial troubles to Indegene initially, but Manish turned it around with his strategic leadership, decisive changes in the operating model and judicious cost-reduction measures.

Since then, Indegene has successfully acquired ten companies and has expanded its global footprint to the US, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, China, Japan and Singapore. The company plans to do more strategic acquisitions, especially in emerging countries. It also plans to hire up to 2,500 people in this financial year as a part of its global expansion plans. Manish envisions Indegene to reach sales of US$500 million within the next three years.

In addition to Indegene’s expansion, Manish has also been honing its digital capabilities. Setting up “The Office of the CTO,” an internal R&D lab to develop fit-for-purpose tools and platforms using AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics technologies, is a testament to his long-term goals.

Manish, a BTech graduate from IIT-BHU and a Master’s in Business Administration from IIM Ahmedabad, believes in women’s empowerment. Reflecting his beliefs, Indegene has taken several initiatives to empower and groom women employees. The company was recently recognized for these initiatives and ranked among India’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women.