Vijay Kumar Arora

Vijay Kumar Arora

LT Foods

Vijay Kumar Arora

Year of incorporation: 1990

Turning a rice trading business into a global food brand

It all began in a small, quaint village of Punjab when Vijay decided to join his father’s rice-trading business - LT Foods. Little did he know that the family business would morph into one of India’s leading rice and rice food brand, Daawat, and North America’s number one rice and rice food products brand, Royal.

Founded in 1978 to bring quality rice to every home, this modest rice-trading business is today a globally famous brand — Daawat — exporting rice and rice foods to 60 nations.

The food grain industry in the country was highly unorganized when LT Foods began its journey. Limited technology, lack of awareness and low-quality grains had created a wide gap between demand and supply. LT Foods took this challenge as an opportunity, and soon, the father-son duo was exporting premium rice.

LT Foods has been growing both organically and inorganically and expanding its capacity over the years. In January this year, it picked a 30% stake in a Netherlands-based packaged foods company called Leev. Leveraging its seven manufacturing units across India, US and Europe, three packaging plants in the US, and a robust global network, the company clocked a consolidated revenue of almost INR4,773 crores in FY21. In 9MFY22, the company’s sales grew by 9% to reach INR3,913 crores.

Despite this success, LT Foods’ philosophy has remained the same - to support farmers in India. LT Foods procures raw rice from more than 100,000 farmers across North India and the Himalayan region. Its unique farm-to-fork business model targets collaboration with farmers to deploy sustainably cultivated rice practices. The company recently became the first company globally to be certified with the highest level of verification – L3, by the UN-backed Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) ecolabel.

India is a leading exporter of basmati rice, and LT Foods is one of the largest companies contributing to exports. Looking to the future, LT Foods plans to expand its footprint to the US, Europe, Middle East and the Far East.