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Our team of experienced Forensics professionals assist organizations in end-to-end whistleblowing solutions which includes operations, establishing or enhancing the existing whistleblowing mechanism.

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What EY can do for you

We help build and operate whistleblowing intake channels and establish policies, procedures, recommend intake channels, provide training and fraud response plans.

Our Forensic & Integrity Services team can assist organizations in the following ways:

  • Set up and operate whistleblowing channels
  • Set up and operate a 24x7 hotline through cloud telephony system in English, Hindi and nine other vernacular languages spoken in India
  • Set up and operate email intake channel for the organization
  • Set up integrated web intake channel along with case management software
  • Update case management software and provide periodic reports for the management

Support in establishing or enhancing the existing framework

  • Establish a robust whistleblowing or vigil mechanism
  • Review or develop the whistleblower policy
  • Advise on the selection of whistleblowing channels
  • Help in the implementation of the whistleblowing mechanism
  • Help in the development of a fraud response plan and Consequence and Disciplinary action matrix
  • Assist on constituting cross-functional committee

Training and awareness sessions

  • Assist in strategizing training on whistleblowing policies and procedures
  • Develop content for the whistleblowing training — face to face and web-based or digital capsules
  • Help organizations conduct the whistleblowing training

Diagnostic reviews

  • Understanding and reviewing existing whistleblowing policy, procedures and mechanism
  • Advising on areas of improvements within the whistleblowing mechanism

A whistleblowing mechanism not only helps detect fraud in organizations but is also a strong corporate governance tool that can mitigate and deter fraudulent activity.

Leading whistleblowing practices have evolved over a period of time. Some of these have their genesis in laws that govern them, while some are the result of companies’ constant endeavour to improve their operations. Some of these include hotline as a reporting channel, anonymity provided to whistleblowers, fraud response plan, multiple reporting channels and outsourced whistleblowing mechanisms.

Our experience indicates that potential misconduct can typically be detected in the following cases:

  • Being asked to commit or assist in committing fraud and misconduct (bribery and corruption related instances)
  • Misconduct related to procurement
  • Misconduct related to reimbursement
  • Issues related to harassment

Whistleblowing facilitates trust in an organization while also identifying or taking actions on misconduct. Setting up a whistleblowing practice showcases the top management’s commitment towards ethical standards. The evolving regulatory environment helps an organization by reducing the risk of compliance. The importance of companies having well-structured and comprehensive fraud response plans cannot be overemphasized.

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