Jon Shepard
Our economies leave billions of people behind. Social business models can change that. The task for the 21st century is to scale them within our planet’s boundaries.

Jon Shepard

EY Global Enterprise Growth Services Director

Professional grit in the oyster. Passionate about social justice and the power of corporations to help achieve it. Father. Runner. Friend.

Areas of focus Entrepreneurship
Office London, GB

Jon is Director of Enterprise Growth Services, extending EY business consulting services to social enterprises in low and middle income countries.

Under his leadership, EY teams work hands-on with agriculture, water, sanitation, education, financial inclusion and healthcare organizations to help them validate business models, improve their resilience and better position themselves to scale.

Before joining EY in 2007, he served with the British Army and has worked across the private, public, voluntary and nonprofit sectors. Jon also chairs The Advocacy Academy, an innovative London nonprofit that finds and trains young people as agents of social change in disadvantaged communities.

He holds a BA in Philosophy and Politics from Southampton University.

How Jon is building a better working world

“I have the great privilege of guiding our work with social entrepreneurs – visionaries who build businesses that bring affordable, essential goods and services, steady jobs and economic inclusion to marginalized and low-income people. The potential of these new business models to rebalance our economies from the few to the many is enormous. We work hard to understand what’s really needed to make them scalable and sustainable and offer their management teams the same practical, tangible support as any commercial EY client.”

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