COVID-19 supply chain response powered by Asterisk Supply Chain Planning Solutions

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EY’s Asterisk Supply Chain Planning Solutions, a proprietary suite of integrated solutions, leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to build lean and responsive supply chains.

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COVID-19-led supply chain disruption: key challenges

  • Challenges in order capture due to offline sales team.
  • Supply chain broken across channel partners, warehouses, logistics.
  • Uncertainty in available production capacities and material supply from vendors.
  • Difficulty in demand estimation as markets open post-lockdown.
  • Challenges in supply chain planning due to continuously evolving demand and supply situatio

How can you navigate through COVID-19 disruptions and respond to market dynamics?

Augment your systems with an end-to-end visibility and analytics-led insights powered by ASTERISK COMPASS

  • How should the customer orders be captured in the absence of on-ground sales personnel?
    • App enabled tele-calling for order capture
    • Analytics to enable tele-calling, governance
    • Analytics to transition into a hybrid future with mix of tele-calling and on-field presence
  • Which parts of the E2E supply chain network are broken?
    • Mobile apps to capture warehouse constraints and logistics availability
    • Supply collaboration platform to confirm material availability
  • Which parts should be fixed on priority?
    • Dashboard on prioritized list of constraints and its business impact
  • How should the orders be serviced and how much will be lost due to broken supply chain?
    • Dashboard for daily supply plan and visibility on lost orders
    • How will the demand vary as markets open in a staggered manner?
    • Demand collaboration platform for sales team to provide inputs on the evolving demand scenario
  • What is the readiness of supply chain under various demand/supply scenarios?
    • Real-time projection of finished goods (FG) stock-on-hand, material readiness and available production capacity under various demand/supply scenarios

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