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The EY Private client experience brings the talent, technology and ecosystem to realize your ambition and support you to expand, transform, integrate, govern and finance your business.

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Our suite of platforms and tools is designed for private.

  • Digitally enhance all your services through your tailored portal, My EY
  • Get data-driven, real-time insights and benchmarks to act decisively in solving challenges
  • Seamlessly navigate and leverage our digital strategic planning and delivery tools

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Our people live and breathe private clients.

  • Teams led by an experienced business advisor
  • Access to the dedicated talent you need to flourish and grow
  • Trained to unlock the full potential of your ambition

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Built over decades, our communities, alliances and relationships support your growth.

  • Supercharge your personal network and make new connections
  • Forge new partnerships to drive new ways of working
  • Create long-term value

Your ambition is the beating heart of your business. As an owner, CEO or entrepreneur leading a private or family enterprise, you embrace a passion for your business with a commitment that it flourish and grow. To unlock the full potential of your ambition in the Now, Next and Beyond, you need a globally connected advisor who appreciates your owner mindset and can support you as you transform it into real progress and measurable success.

Unlock your full potential with EY Private, advisors to the ambitious.

What EY can do for you

We offer a range of tools and services that could help you take the next step on your growth journey.

Unlocking ambitions

Through our interactive EY 7 Drivers of Growth sessions, you can assess your company’s capabilities across the 7 Drivers, benchmarking your performance against leading practices and creating an action plan to deliver your growth strategy.

Going public

Initial public offerings can help you raise the capital needed to accelerate your growth and become a market leader, as well as provide your shareholders with greater liquidity alternatives.

Find out more about how EY can help you transition from private company to public enterprise.

Growing a family enterprise

We know that every family enterprise is unique, yet successful family enterprises also have much in common. EY’s Growth DNA Model for family enterprise supports both the personal and company performance agenda of family enterprise leaders, aiming to help you grow and succeed for generations.

Find out how EY can help your company succeed for generations.

Connecting entrepreneurs for growth

Watch a panel of professionals discuss how businesses can scale up and drive transformational leadership through artificial intelligence as well as the benefits and challenges of AI adoption. 

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Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

Case study: How a cables company leveraged route-to-market to achieve double digit growth in its sales

Defying industry norms, a wires and cables manufacturer undertook digital route-to-market transformation and witnessed unprecedented growth.

Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

To what extent can digital ‘transform’ an organization’s vision?

A leading manufacturing company was looking to achieve customer and market excellence through digital.

Aleading wires and cables manufacturer required assistance in route-to-market transformation with a vision of doubling its market share. To drive the next wave of growth in a better-connected, digitally-enabled world, the organization felt the need to replace its traditional practices driven mostly by industry norms. As the company operated in a low consumer involvement industry, brand recall and brand loyalty were generally low.

The overarching roadblocks to achieving the organization’s vision included:

  • Fragmented channel partner base below threshold profitability; limited market orientation
  • Large variability in number of outlets covered per beat of frontline sales force due to legacy planning approach
  • “One-Size-Fits-All” distribution model unable to reach cumulative high-potential towns and low last-mile control of distribution
  • “Run of the mill” influencer engagement programmes leading to limited loyalty and offtakes in an industry already beleaguered with low end-consumer involvement
  • No standardized method of territory-wise, level-wise manpower deployment and capability assessment
  • Lack of standardized review mechanism and schedules
Digital market transformation
Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

The company underwent a digital-led route-to-market transformation.

EY created a digitally enabled route-to-market strategy to enhance all round effectiveness.

EY helped create an end-to-end route-to-market capability encompassing sales, organizational structure, digital and tech, product and supply chain functions. The execution was simultaneously supported with change management across all managerial and employee levels.

Critical aspects of the route-to-market transformation included:

  • All-India market and client presence mapping at a town level to determine optimal white spaces for direct reach expansion
  • Secondary sales transformation and sales force effectiveness enhancement via Digital Salesman initiative
  • Channel partner network capability assessment and new partner addition basis design of threshold turnover and take-home and RoI to ensure network sustainability
  • Launch of a best-in-class digitally enabled engagement programme for influencers to drive offtakes and long-term loyalty
  • Talent and capability enhancement via Learning Academy and launch of a new sales excellence vertical
  • Supply side interventions in the form of network optimization, including feasibility assessment for depot aggregation 
Route-to-market transformation
Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

The manufacturer increased market coverage, built customer loyalty and boosted sales.

The company witnessed better performance across all aspects of their envisioned growth targets.

The initiative resulted in significant quantitative and qualitative value, including:

  • Route to market capability customized by town to maximize coverage – 2x+ increase in towns and outlets directly covered delivering higher last-mile control over distribution
  • Double digit sales growth (neutralising COVID-19 impact), with pilot markets growing at 3.5x of control markets
  • Consolidated channel partners with greater skin in the game, making threshold RoI and take-home
  • Digitally enabled sales force covering optimal number of outlets, with analytics-oriented decision-making support, aided by dashboards and review mechanisms to aid in root cause analysis
  • Best-in-industry Influencer Engagement Programme launched to generate long-term loyalty; 2.3x increase in electricians enrolled and active on Loyalty Programme with a 4x increase in PDO
  • Forecast-led loss of sale reduced by two-thirds under pull-based replenishment

In general, focusing change management initiatives across all echelons of employee and management hierarchy meant that there was a buy-in of not just the initiatives but also the overarching vision of the promoter family.

Transformation Realized

Transforming businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation.
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The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

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