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    How does India Inc. view its cost of capital?

    The India Cost of Capital Survey 2021 aims to understand the cost of capital that companies use for capital allocation and strategic decision-making.

    26 May 2021 EY India


    How the recent spread of COVID-19 is impacting the Indian economy

    Adverse economic impact of COVID-19 in India in FY22 is likely to be higher than expected earlier due to the second wave of corona. Policy effort should be made to protect growth of at least 8.7%, to ensure India’s FY22 real GDP reaches the same level as in FY20.

    26 May 2021 D. K. Srivastava


    Application Modernization and its impact on Digitization

    Modernizing legacy application for digital transformation is key, explores an EY Survey

    5 Apr 2021 Arindam Sen

    Financial accounting advisory services

    Digital transformation in finance – Insights from EY survey

    EY Digital survey reveals that finance leaders are focussing on transforming their functions and have started their journeys towards Finance 4.0. Technology and digital transformation are at the core of this futuristic design of finance.

    23 Mar 2021 Sandip Khetan


    How can CSR Amendment Rules, 2021 bring a measured impact?

    Given the recent changes in CSR rules, organizations will have to focus on the following in their CSR programs’ life cycle to enhance governance and mitigate risks.

    17 May 2021 Arpinder Singh

    SPAC and its growing relevance in India

    The concept of special Purpose Acquisition Company or SPAC has become very popular in the Indian business landscape in recent times. We look at what constitutes SPAC and what businesses should know.

    10 May 2021 Pranav Sayta

    Why integrating ESG into your business could be the key to its resilience

    As businesses navigate through changes brought in by globalization, technology, society and consumer behavior, embedding Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into their core strategy can help deliver long-term value.

    26 Apr 2021 Chaitanya Kalia

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    Liz Fealy

    EY Global and Americas Future of Work Solutions Leader and EY Global Workforce Advisory (WFA) Leader


    How does a stronger workforce drive a stronger recovery?

    Can reopening your workplace help you reimagine your future?

    Liz Fealy
    Mahesh Makhija

    Mahesh Makhija

    EY India Emerging Technologies and Digital Leader


    How the Indian consumer is evolving during COVID-19

    Monesh Dange

    EY India, Advisory Markets, Partner and Leader


    Monesh Dange
    Rohan Sachdev

    Rohan Sachdev

    EY Global Insurance Emerging Markets Leader and EY India Advisory Services Leader


    How can insurers successfully navigate through the COVID-19 crisis?

    How insurers are embracing digitization in emerging markets

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    The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

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    We've harnessed that 30 years of insight to develop the EY 7 Drivers of Growth. It’s how we help all businesses with high-growth aspirations successfully execute their ambitious growth strategies over the long term.

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