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EY Health’s Performance Optimization methodology identifies opportunities for a health organization to improve through benchmarking and analysis, with a focus on both functional and clinical areas.

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Health care systems globally are looking for solutions to meet four key challenges:

  • Access: continuing to provide comprehensive access to patients and their families in an era of fiscal constraint and increasing demand
  • Quality: dealing with the increasing complexity and sub-specialization of health care, combined with increasing regulatory oversight and patient expectations of personalized care
  • Value: demonstrating the value in terms of patient outcomes and investment against competing government priorities
  • Profitability: working to improve margins across all pathways in the shadow of supply-side cost pressures

Responding to these challenges requires a comprehensive and systematic approach that delivers change through:

  • Improving the efficiency of all key functions and processes
  • Improved productivity in terms of increased outputs for the same or less inputs (both pay and non-pay)
  • Services that are viable and sustainable over the long term

Our Performance Optimization methodology is an approach to appraising the tactical and strategic changes that your organization can implement to improve effectiveness and efficiency. These methodologies and approaches have been used extensively in the UK and Northern Europe, and are now being used in Canada and Australia to enable economic viability and clinical sustainability.

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