Dayton Nordin
Now, more than ever before, understanding value and how value is created is fundamental to everything a company does.

Dayton D. Nordin

EY US Valuation, Modeling and Economics Leader

Trusted business advisor assisting companies on optimization and value-maximizing strategies. Developer of people and ideas. Family-focused.

Dayton has provided advice to hundreds of companies over the last 25 years. Drawing upon deep experience in the consumer product and retail industry, he was the Transaction Leader for EY Northeast. He also has experience in the technology industry, where he has advised start-ups and presented to the boards of global companies; and the industrial industry, where he has many long-tenured relationships and is currently working with several Global 50 companies on optimization and value-maximizing strategies.

While Dayton has held many roles at EY, all of them have had a central theme of growing practices. Currently, he is the EY US Valuation, Modeling and Economics Leader.

Dayton enjoys being a connector by putting people in touch with the right expertise across his many networks. He earned an MBA in Finance and a BA in Political Science and Government from Emory University.

How Dayton is building a better working world

“In today’s rapidly changing world, understanding the drivers of value and how capital can be deployed optimally is critical for success. Using an analytical and process-focused approach, I build diverse teams that assist companies in maximizing the return from their capital decisions. I enjoy working with leaders to solve the challenges of balancing short-term needs against long-term goals.

When companies contemplate transactions, I help them understand structures and whether they are fair to their shareholders.

I get tremendous satisfaction seeing the people and organizations I work with achieve their goals and success.”

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