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As the global economy rebounds, leaders face opportunities to reimagine a very different future. Those that capitalize on the shifts transforming the world can gain a competitive edge, creating sustainable, long-term value — both for the organization and its stakeholders.

To realize these opportunities, businesses must first transform their own world and achieve better outcomes from their board-critical, head office functions.

Managed services is a better way to operate

Operating challenges are more acute than ever. Head office functions — particularly finance, tax, risk and compliance — are struggling to keep up with the pace of change.

CFO survey results


of CFOs say traditional mindsets and methods are slowing down finance modernization, according to the EY 2020 DNA of the CFO survey.

Inefficient operations often trigger a crisis-driven cycle of ‘’fix and repeat,” draining time, talent and budget at a time when businesses should be investing in innovating and growth. 

Until companies can find a better way to operate critical functions in their head office, they just won’t be able to reshape and move forward.

Managed services offers a better way. It’s not outsourcing or simply taking on a function or two to achieve incremental improvements. This is a new generation of managed services that builds a platform for long-term, sustainable growth. It’s driven by industry insights, enabled by data and technology and focused on tangible outcomes that empower genuine head office transformation. 

Managed services is not a field where many can play

The right managed services provider brings deep domain experience across key functions, particularly finance, tax, risk (including cyber) and compliance. This experience is gained across multiple geographies and jurisdictions, ensuring the ability to navigate complex and changing regulatory and risk landscapes.

They are guided by a relentless focus on value. This means delivering tangible results fast but also pushing to innovate and constantly improve operating performance. It’s how you build an adaptive, future-ready organization, positioned to make the most of future opportunities, wherever they may be.

And, critically, the right managed services provider creates a connected managed services experience built upon a common, data-driven platform that makes it easy to add or expand solutions as needs change. This enterprise-wide approach to delivering real change — rather than point-by-point quick fixes — is the secret to elevating organizational performance, and achieving the true transformation businesses need now. 

A trusted partner for the future

Crucially, the key to all of this is trust. When the stakes are so high, companies cannot risk their head office with just anyone. At EY, we build trusted managed services solutions that create better business operations and outcomes that allow our clients to unlock potential, discover new opportunities and uncover new possibilities.

As a changed world emerges from the shadow of COVID-19, business leaders know that current operating models are not fit for the journey ahead. Managed services can be a new way forward, giving business the freedom, flexibility and capabilities to achieve sustainable long-term value. 

EY Managed Services – it’s your world, running on ours, better.

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