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How to create deal value from origination through to exit

In this EY Private Perspectives webcast, panelists explore how to prepare for an acquisition and create value from day one.

Preparing for an acquisition and driving value straightaway is key, but often easier said than done. In order to best address any new tax requirements and challenges along the deal lifecycle, companies need to be prepared early on, and need to do their homework in all relevant areas before the deal is completed.

A panel of professionals discuss the important aspects of being ready from day one and the tax considerations along the deal lifecycle. The more successful you are at creating post-deal value, the better your portfolio will be, and the higher the return you should achieve on exit. 

Special feature:

An interview with Manon Capel, Head of Tax, Upfield Foods Group, in which she shares first-hand her own experiences and recommendations of recently completing a major deal.

The webcast explores:

  • The typical deal lifecycle from ownership through to exit and the tax considerations that come into play
  • Why operating model effectiveness can help prepare for the acquisition and drive tax efficiencies
  • The real-life example of how Upfield Foods Group completed the deal cycle and benefited from the process 
  • The importance of being compliant in every aspect of the transaction 


  • Kerry McKeown, EY EMEIA Post-Deal Services Leader
  • Jen Hwang, EY Tax Partner, UK&I Compliance and Reporting
  • David Jones, EY Associate Partner, Transfer Pricing and Operating Model Effectiveness


Mark Jeffries, Author, Host and Moderator, Mark Jeffries LLC.


Kerry McKeown
EY EMEIA and UK&I Post-Deal Services Leader; Partner, Tax, Ernst & Young LLP


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