Qi Lin

Founder, Chexun.com


Winning women Asia-Pacific Qi Lin

Qi Lin returned to China after spending several years in the UK to start her business in 2008. She focused on the automotive media sector and established Chemayizhan.com in China which became Chexun.com in 2011.  From the beginning, Chemayizhan.com was a market leader in the automotive media sector. In 2014, she rebranded her company, calling it ChexunGroup, to include a portfolio of businesses including chexun.com, an online automotive information and car sales store with after-care service, chaichefang.com (the first independent (self-financed) automotive-safety testing and safety-performance analysis) which publishes individual vehicle’s safety performance, and Chexun Mall, an e-commerce business including O2O e-commerce for auto accessories and products, and a mobile app business. 

Qi Lin was born in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China. She studied business media at the University of Westminster in the UK in 2003. After completing her bachelor’s degree in 2005, Qi Lin completed her master’s degree in international macroeconomic policy from the University of Westminster in 2008. She attributes her deep understanding of brand strategy and her focus on long-term business goals to the rigorous academic training she received from her university. 

 “I want Chexun.com to be the premier and most trusted online and offline source of automotive information for consumers seeking professional guidance on auto selection, auto sales and post-purchase services, including O2O e-commerce for auto accessories and products,” says Qi Lin, Founder, Chexun.com.