Digital Government

Using data and technology to help deliver efficient public services that meet citizens’ expectations is a priority for governments everywhere. Our teams advise public sector clients on a range of digital projects from small improvements to large-scale transformations.

What EY can do for you

Digital transformation in government and public services has become an imperative in the digital age. Citizens’ experiences of digital in other parts of their lives are driving greater expectations of online access to public services and personalization. The recent COVID-19 crisis has offered governments the opportunity to accelerate their delivery of digital services while facing increasing demand for inclusive digitalization of public services.

EY has dedicated teams around the world to help governments achieve their digital and innovation ambitions - from small projects to large scale digital transformation. Our teams can:

  • Apply digital technologies (like RPA, AI, Analytics, blockchain…) to help make public services effective and personal for the people that use them
  • Help governments understand the digital needs of citizens and develop citizen-centric, digital and inclusive strategies
  • Assist in identifying the technology for digital transformation and managing development environments
  • Use big data and analytics to uncover client needs and manage risks within the organization
  • Help redesign the organization (structure, roles, skills, culture, processes and more) to make it fit for the digital age
  • Develop tools and solutions like Public Finance Blockchain to help governments increase the return on investment of public spending

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