Photographic portrait for Clifford Sacks
While helping clients, I appreciate the opportunity to build relationships and collaborate with world-class people to drive actionable insights.

Clifford Sacks

EY Global Lead Advisory Leader

Global M&A leader. Experienced investment banking industry native. African heritage, UK-based. Avid sci-fi reader. Husband, father of two. Keen fan of the greatest football club on the planet.

Clifford is the Global Lead Advisory Leader. He focuses on mergers and acquisitions, helping corporate and family-owned businesses navigate capital markets. He has over 25 years of experience in financial services, including a detailed understanding and extensive experience of global equity capital markets and the M&A environment.

Prior to joining the firm, Clifford served as CEO of two major investment banks in South Africa. Clifford holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Llb (Law) and a HDip in Corporate Law from University of Witwatersrand.

How Clifford is building a better working world

"Some may think M&A is all about the financials and hard-nosed business rationale. But as deals and markets become more and more complex, it is about the people and culture. By understanding the motivations, passions and values that underpin my clients’ businesses, I am delivering a service that helps them build a better working world and a more sustainable future. The right financial and capital strategy is critically important of course, but without the right people elements the long-term value will never be optimal."

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