Nigel Duffy
AI will change society – but we must also ask what is changing in society that makes AI necessary?

Nigel Duffy

EY Global Artificial Intelligence Leader

Passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning. PhD in machine learning theory. Start-up founder. Patent holder. AI transformation of the enterprise. Irish immigrant.

Nigel is a technologist and entrepreneur serving as EY Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leader in Global Innovation. In this role, he is responsible for the application of AI throughout EY.

As leader of the EY AI Lab, he is responsible for projects driving strategic transformation of how we operate, compete and provide services. He is also strengthening relationships with start-ups and academic communities worldwide.

Before joining EY, he was a founder and executive in deep technology start-ups which use AI to run hedge funds, design pharmaceuticals, control computer games and improve online retail.

Nigel has built research organizations and revolutionary products in a variety of fields. He is a highly cited author with papers in machine learning, linguistics, biology, economics, chemistry and computer science.

He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from University College Dublin and a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of California, Santa Cruz. His original research includes the first theoretical papers on gradient boosting.

How Nigel is building a better working world

AI has the potential to transform the world – making it more human and more humane. By reducing the time people spend on mundane tasks, AI will free up time for tasks that require insight and human interaction. At the same time, it will increase access to and reduce the cost of labor-intensive services. For example, it will provide greater access to healthcare and better customer service. Nigel is working to bring these benefits to EY and EY clients, allowing EY to provide more insights faster. 

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