We work to prevent financial crimes using our advanced data analysis and cyber security in response to ever more sophisticated crimes. We hope everyone can live in a world without fear.

Atsushi Fukuda

EYJapan, Assurance (Forensics), Associate Partner

Interested in digitalization and technology. Knowledgeable about legacy IT. Maybe an IT archaeologist?

Atsushi Fukuda is an associate partner in the Forensic Data Analytics Team and leads the Financial Service Sector in Forensics. He develops businesses and delivers  projects related to risk and compliance, mainly for large financial institutions.

Prior to joining EY Japan, he worked in professional services firms and system integrators on finance related tasks, as well as an IT consultant. He managed numerous business design and IT development projects in financial risk management and regulatory compliance mainly for Japanese mega banks and major regional banks. He also led data governance consulting practice including data management and integration for major financial institutions. He participated in projects in AML/CFT as the practice leader, overseeing projects in regulatory requirements gap analysis, business process development, IT solution selection and implementation, and analytics improvement for mega bank offices inside and outside of Japan.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan.

Building a better working world

The 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001 brought a drastic change to the global dynamic. In the aftermath, there has been an increased focus on tracking the flow of funds, and a marked effort to prevent financial support for terrorist and other criminal acts.

With the EY team, I support regulatory bodies and financial institutions in building a fortress to protect against crime and terrorism using cutting-edge data analytics technologies.I hope that this will help in some small way to prevent further loss of life.

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