Hiroto Sonoda

Hiroto Sonoda

EY Japan Strategic Impact Unit Augmented Intelligence & Innovation Leader

Expert in game-changing technologies such as AI.

Hiroto Sonoda is leader of the EY Japan Strategic Impact Unit's Augmented Intelligence & Innovation practice. He offers consulting services based on insights about the impact of game-changing technologies on society and industry. He provides support for companies to create and develop new businesses, as well as formulate strategy for R&D, technology and innovation, alongside the introduction of machine learning and deep learning.

He also acts as an adviser to the Japanese government on science and technology policy, industrial policy, and rule-making strategies.

His earlier career includes roles both at a major electronics manufacturer and a think tank.

He is a featured author in the “Future Outlook Series” [Nikkei Business Publications], with titles examining topics such as AI, the Future of Mobility, and IOT.

Building a better working world

I am a keen proponent of AI business expansion in Japan. This has taken many forms: from my earlier studies when making a breakthrough in deep learning; later, as an author writing about the future of artificial Intelligence; or more recently in the business world, working with companies to establish and implement AI strategies and structures.

I have also advised the Japanese government on how to best formulate science and technology policies.

By providing insight on the effects of new technology on society, I hope to have contributed to building a better working world.

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