Junji Suzuki
At EY, we continue to learn and evolve in order to help clients embrace disruptive changes. EY's culture enables us to take on new challenges and in turn, I intend to support the next generation of professionals.

Junji Suzuki

EY Asia-Pacific FAIT Innovation Leader, EY Japan Technology Risk Leader

More than thirty years experience of deploying technology in the audit process. Proponent of the automation of financial audits, to the benefit of both client and auditor.

Junji Suzuki is Financial Audit IT (FAIT) Innovation Leader for EY in the Asia Pacific area, and Technology Risk Domain Leader for EY Japan. He has led the evaluation of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT) and IT internal control assessment in financial statements for nearly thirty years.

Earlier in his career, he gained recognition as the editor of a comprehensive guidance book on IT audit and has expanded his IT-dedicated audit team more than ten times. Initially working in the PI Advisory practice in Japan, he later transferred to the Risk Advisory practice where he focused on integrating financial accounting auditors and IT auditors to streamline and improve the value of audit through digital transformation. In 2016, he launched a data capture specialist team to deal with the increasing demand for enhanced data analytics in both audit and advisory, including implementation of RPA in data capture processes.

He earned a bachelor's degree in Economics from Keio University, Japan.

Building a better working world

"I have always been passionate about inspiring people in EY. I would like them to recognize the great potential of transforming auditing into digital auditing, which will enable them to grow as a valuable and insightful professional, and to use their audit capabilities in the most effective manner possible."

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