Katsuhiko Nakagawa

Managing Director and Partner, Strategy, Strategy and Transactions, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd.

EY Japan Digital Technology Leader. Leads Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Ecosystem Formation. He is also an EY Parthenon partner.

As the Digital Technology Leader for Japan, Katsuhiko Nakagawa promotes the adoption of new consulting styles and platforms in order to implement ecosystem strategy, digital strategy and digital transformation.

With over 20 years of experience in strategic consulting, he has an extensive record in critical management issues including corporate transformation, M&A, global market entry, and organizational/business restructuring.

He is also active in driving changes in Japanese society through projects and sessions with the top management of Japanese businesses. 

Building a better working world

In order to successfully generate added value in a society with increased digital disruption, I am an avid supporter of the development of a human resource ecosystem comprised of government, large corporations, venture businesses and investors, which will become the foundation to offer support for strategy development and implementation globally.

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