Photographic portrait of Tatsuya Matsunaga
Developing assets that make use of emerging technologies such as AI helps us to carry out operational reforms, digitalize our clients’ operations and develop business models for our clients.

Tatsuya Matsunaga

EY Japan Chief Innovation Officer

Enjoys marathons and golf. Married and has two daughters.

As EY Japan’s Chief Innovation Officer and a Consulting Partner, Tatsuya leads our Data Analytics and Digital & Emerging Technology teams.

Tatsuya spearheads initiatives, such as EY wavespace™, a regional technology hub(RTH) for innovation across our four service lines, and Client Technology Hub, our specialized development organization. He uses technology to help clients digitalize their operations and develop new business.

He previously served as a managing executive officer at a major overseas IT company, where he led areas, such as Cognitive Solutions, HR, and the Financial Businesses and Megabanks Group.

Tatsuya has an MBA from the Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration.

How Tatsuya is building a better working world

“I believe that organizations with diverse people are fertile grounds for creativity and innovation. As HR officer at my previous company, I focused on promoting diversity and inclusion.

I want to implement similar initiatives at EY Japan so that diverse people can bring their skills and experience to the table in their own way.

As AI brings changes to society, I am constantly thinking about what only humans can do and promoting innovation that is only possible at EY Japan.”

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