Rebuild your working world

Millions of you have had your working lives or education put on hold or turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, EY recruiters are here to help.

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Live workshops

Over a two week period, EY recruiters held live workshops covering four key areas: Become your best self; resume experts; personal brand and network builders; and, interview experts.

Join our Facebook community today to rewatch the sessions and download the materials.

Over two weeks in September 2020, EY recruiters hosted a series of workshops to help people rebuild their working world. The recordings of these sessions are still available on our dedicated Facebook group.

They cover topics to help you in four crucial areas:

  1. Become your best self: Build resilience, identify transferable skills and articulate your strengths
  2. Resume experts: Learn how to create an effective resume that will showcase your skills and achievements
  3. Personal brand and network builders: Understand how to build the personal brand and the network you need to help realize your career goals 
  4. Interview experts: Show the real you, learn how to ask and approach questions

I passionately hope that those of you who engage with these free resources will find new inspiration and ideas to rebuild your working world.

Dan Black

EY Global Recruiting Leader

How it happened

We created a Facebook group, where EY recruiters hosted live sessions twice a day for two weeks. These sessions each started with a presentation and ended with a Q&A period with questions coming in live from the audience via the comments.

This global community is still active, with all resources available to download. By joining you’ll be able to review the materials, and engage with a community of over 8,000 like-minded individuals, whose knowledge, advice and experience may be invaluable to your own situation.

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Learning resources

A collection of additional resources created by EY recruiters can be downloaded below.

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